Our Policies


1. There will be a $20.00 charge for all returned NSF checks.
2. No refunds or transfers of credit from one child to another or one session to another. All transactions are FINAL once the session has started. Refunds may be issued prior to the start of a session less a $20.00 handling fee.
3. Sibling Discount: The second child receives a $15 discount off the class fee (not the registration fee); three or more children, a $25.00 discount off class.
4. Students enrolling after the second week of the session will have their fee pro-rated accordingly. Sibling discount does not apply.
5. Allfeesmustbepaidinfullatthetimeofregistrationtoensureaspotin class. Registration for the new session will begin three weeks before the first day of the new session.
6. Parents are permitted ONLY in the waiting area. Only enrolled students are permitted in gym workout area.
7. Make-ups upon class availability only. All make-ups must be scheduled during the session in which they were missed and only after missing class. No make-ups for make-ups.
8. No food or drink allowed in gym area. Except plain water. No sports drinks
9. No child will be allowed to attend class unless tuition is paid. Please do not drop off your child for class if tuition is not paid! He or she will have to sit out of class.

Mandatory Yearly Registration Fee: $50 per student


Make-ups are scheduled on availability only. Which means; if you are absent you take the chance of not being able to schedule a make-up.

All make-ups must be scheduled during the session in which they were absent and only after missing class. You may not schedule make-ups in advance.

No make-ups during the last week of the session. If you are absent the last week of the session you will be issued an open gym pass.

No make-ups for make-ups. If you scheduled a make-up class it cannot be re- scheduled. If you are absent from your make-up class it still counts as your make-up. It cannot be re-scheduled. Please be sure you will be able to attend the make-up class before you schedule it.

There is a maximum of 4 make-ups per child – per 8 week session, regardless of how many times you attend per week. In order to make space available to everyone we have to set a limit. This limit is also based on availability. There is never any guarantee that we can schedule a make-up, for this reason it is important to not have unnecessary absences.

Please do not sign up for a make-up until after you are absent. You cannot attend a class until after you have been scheduled for a make-up.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. The classes are very full and make-ups can be difficult. We ask for your patience and consideration in this process at all times. We will continue to do our best to accommodate your needs.

Thank you.


The following is a dress code for all recreational girls and boys. If you have any questions please see the office staff.

Hair must be tied back.
No jewelry: (earrings studs allowed). Medical Bracelets must be taped to wrist.
Leos: no skirts attached, if wearing underpants it must be tucked in properly or shorts must be worn over Leo. Leos must not be see through. No Dance Leos.
No mid drifts or low cut tank tops.
T-shirts must be tucked in and form fitting. No loose fitted clothing.
Leggings must be tight fitting. No Sweatpants.
Shorts must be respectable. No booty shorts. No jeans or cargo shorts. Shorts must allow child to stretch freely.

Long hair must be tied back.  No jewelry. Medical Bracelets must be taped to wrist.
Shorts: Finger tip in length. Shorts must allow child to stretch freely. NO long basketball shorts, cargo shorts, jeans shorts. No Sweatpants.
T-shirts must be form fitting and tucked in. NO loose fitted clothed.
Leos: must wear shorts over one piece Leo.